Our goal is to out serve one another.

Our Story

SRVNT Heart is a faith based family business with a vision to create a culture of people that strive to out serve one another, starting at home! 

Seven years ago, they met on a chance encounter that would turn into a love story unlike any other. They didn't know it then but, after a couple loving but awkward conversations, they fall in love They say true love happens when you least expect it and will elevate your life to heights you could never imagine and that is without a doubt the theme of their partnership. At the core, they aspire to Grow, Serve and Inspire others. 

They started their life together in Maryland but after an epic proposal with their adopted French Bulldog, Wycleft, and a couple months of marriage, they uprooted their lives and moved across the country to beautiful sunny San Diego. They thought they were moving for Dan's career advancement in Real Estate education and speaking, but it turns  out God had bigger plans.


The move would turn into the most prolific decisions they’ve ever made.

Rachel was raised Catholic and attended church because she was told to. With a fresh start in San Diego, she wanted to find a church she could call her home. A place where she could truly be her bubbly self, get closer to God, and develop deep rooted friendships. After an invite from a friend, she stepped through the doors of Awaken Church and was instantly touched by the genuine and powerful presence of God. The friendly church members, world class worship performance and a message from the most powerful and honest pastors hooked her. She finally felt at home and was so excited for her future there. All that was left to do was convince her husband, Dan, to come with her.

Dan grew up in a house hold that didn't practice any real faith. His mom grew up Catholic and his dad raised Dan with a good moral compass. His dad, Sam, went through a divorce before meeting Dan's mom, Mary, and when they tried to get married at the Catholic church, they were denied. This caused tremendous hurt for their family, so attending church became something they opted out of. When Rachel asked Dan to go to church with her he was the opposite of thrilled. However, being the supportive  husband he is knowing how important it was to Rachel, he agreed to go.

The first time he attended Awaken church, Dan was blown away. He said to Rachel, “this is church?” He was instantly drawn in to the incredible worship music, the energy, atmosphere, and the sermon by Pastor Jurgen absolutely captivated him. He would continue to attend on the weekends he was not traveling.  A few months later, he was invited to attend Awaken's EMERGE Men's Conference. A 3 day event that rocked his world so much that he decided he would dedicate his life to Christ and was baptized March 25, 2017 during the event.

That same year, Dan and Rachel welcomed their first son into the world, Daxton Samuel McCutchen aka "The Golden Doodle.”

After some pretty significant life challenges, Dan received a download from God with the logo and a vision to create a culture of people who strive to out serve one another, starting in the home. Societal norms are not family focused these days and it is our passion and mission to shift that in the most powerful way. After much prayer, intentionality, and preparation, we launched SRVNT Heart on February 14, 2020.

This is more than a clothing brand, t-shirts are just the merchandise and tool used to spark the conversations and spread the word the world so badly needs right now.

Thank you for visiting us and reading our story.

As much as we would love for you to support by grabbing some of the gear, it is more important that you just spread the word!  Be the light!

We pray that what we're doing inspires you and that you become a part of the SRVNT Community!


Much love,


Dan, Rachel, Daxton & the SRVNT Heart family!